The Sixth and Seventh Day Man

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The Sixth and Seventh Day Man in Alamogordo

The Sixth and Seventh Day Man: Gripping Trilogy, Inspired & Guided by the Holy Spirit, Urges Readers to Make Jesus the Lord of their Life.

Divinely crafted by Robert M. Pollack, ‘The Sixth and Seventh Day Man’ is one of the few books to intimately showcase the struggles and plights of Adam, Eve, Enoch and Noah. From Adam and Eve’s enslavement due to the color of their skin to Satan’s attempts to stop Noah from building the ark, Pollack fuses story and scripture to call all readers into action. While each biblical character faced insurmountable challenge, they all share one thing in common; a willingness to turn to the Lord for help. Will readers follow in their footsteps, or refuse to make Jesus the lord of their life and be faced with controlling their own destiny? After reading the book, it’s up to them…

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Alamogordo, New Mexico – While millions live their lives by the King James Version of the Holy Bible and are well aware of the stories of Adam, Eve, Enoch and Noah, few pause to actually consider just how remarkable these figures really are. Each has faced insurmountable adversity, yet triumphed through their decision to turn to the Lord for guidance and salvation. In short, every Christian should be following in their footsteps.

In Robert M. Pollack’s compelling new trilogy, ‘The Sixth and Seventh Day Man’, three volumes collide to tell the collective stories of Adam, Eve, Enoch and Noah, laying forth a blueprint any Christian can use to build an intimate relationship with the Lord, allow Jesus to direct their lives and ultimately prosper as God intended.


Book One, ‘The Time of Adam and Eve’: In chapter one of the book of Genesis, God the Father creates a male and a female, blessing them and telling them to go out and REPLENISH the world. He gives them everything His hands have created. These people of the Father God almost destroy themselves and create a weapon that, when discharged, covers the earth with a thick cloud and pigments their skin white. God the Father rests on the seventh day. In chapter two of the book of Genesis the Lord God FORMS a man on the seventh day, places him in a garden and forbids him from eating of the tree of life. When Adam and Eve are cast out of the garden they come face to face with the Sixth Day Man. The Seventh Day Man Adam, and his wife Eve, their children and their decedents are dark skinned, and clash with the white race of the Sixth Day people. Adam and Eve Who were formed on the Seventh Day by the Lord God, live on the Land of Adam where gopher wood grows. The Sixth Day Man Lives in the city of Eden which is ruled by Emperor Rama Dan Doo. They worship the god Ramah. Adam and Eve worship The Lord God.

Book Two, ‘The Time of Enoch’: Continues the battles that the decedents of Adam and Eve must endure because of the color of their skin and their love for the Lord God. They are enslaved and treated horribly by the white skinned people of the world. The city of Eden and the Great city of Enoch are built on the backs of the children of Adam and Eve.

Book Three, ‘The Time of Noah’: The days of Noah mirrors our time in brutality and crime. The book is set into the future with anti-gravitational vehicles called click clacks and carts. Noah and his wife, who is his sister, along with his father and grandfather, return to the Land Of Adam and God tells him to build an ark. When Noah tells the world what God has planned He and his family are laughed at, But Noah continues to build with help. He has encounters with Satan who tries to discourage him.

“Millions of people look at Biblical characters such as Noah, Adam and Eve and forget that they were very real people, each facing the struggles and uncertainties we all have to live with,” explains Pollack. “My goal for this trilogy was to tell their stories in a very raw and frank manner to get this reality across, proving everything through references to the King James Version of the Bible. Just like we should all do, they turned to the Lord for help. I want us to follow their example.”

Continuing, “And the title in itself is a bold lesson to us all. Everyone knows a “Sixth Day Man” – someone who refuses to allow the Lord to come into their life and would rather panic and struggle as they fight to control their own destiny. Will they be saved? That’s anyone’s guess. We should all strive to be a “Seventh Day Man”, by allowing the Lord to direct our lives and ultimately love us as He intended. If you haven’t acknowledged the Lord in your life to date, I hope your mind will be steadfastly changed by the time you’ve finished reading the book.”

For Pollack, researching and writing the trilogy has been a labor of love.

“Believe it or not, I have spent the past twenty-five years in my own unique relationship with the Lord, as He guided this project from the ground up. We’re living in the days of Noah right now, in terms of the hate and discord p

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