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Computer Repairs, Hardware/Software Upgrades, System Re-Install Etc.

Free by Bonnie in Tularosa, Jul 29
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Computer Repairs, Hardware/Software Upgrades, System Re-Install Etc. in Alamogordo

First off, this is not a hoax or scam. I have references from very happy local people I have helped.

**Just added**
Application setup on your cell phone or computer. Want to read your grandchild a bedtime story where they can see and talk to you and you can talk to and see them but they do not live nearby? Is your family not going to make it here for an important event?
The software is already in place and free on most cell phones and computers! It is also VERY easy to use.
It makes my day when I get to talk to my grand daughters in England. I would like to help you see your families smiles and hear their voices!
I can also set up medication/pill reminder applications if you need it!
I can also work on printers, security camera-TV troubleshooting and setups. Anything technical (other than autos, airplanes etc. - oh wait - I KNOW an excellent mechanic!)
it is worth a call to me first to see if I can help.
**Call me and we can see if I can help you 1-575-585-2707**

Are you so busy you just do not have time or want the hassle of figuring out how do necessary computer system maintenance?
Do you dread the thought of waiting around for hours to complete these necessary tasks? When is the last time you applied critical system updates? These are needed for system performance and security. It can take hours and many re-boots to bring your system up-to-date.
Has your computer slowed to a snails pace?
Do you want just a little more from your system?
Has your system software been corrupted and you want to restore it to it's former glory?
Do you want to upgrade your system software but feel uneasy about doing it yourself?
Did you get a new PC and want all of your family photos and data migrated?
Do you think you may have a hardware issue?

Many PC's can get cluttered and seem to not have what it takes for todays advanced data usage. A good software tune-up and disk defragment may bring it back to a workable speed.

For a minimal parts cost you would be amazed at how much faster your system will operate. Adding even a few GBs of system memory can speed your system up enough that you will not recognize it as yours. The addition of a solid state drive (SSD) as the operating system drive can make older computers launch to warp status on boot and beyond!

I can (almost all the time) make your system operate at peak performance (or at least let you know that it is time to think of getting an upgraded system!) I can also help you find the best computer for you, your budget and computing needs. I work on Windows PCs, android and windows tablets and phones.

You drop off your laptop (with power cord) or desktop computer (the system box only - no monitors, keyboards, cords or mice - I have these in place). Usually I can have general maintenance done with in a day (I will let you know if it will take longer). If you cannot live without your computer - you can drop it off in the evening and I can work on it all night and usually have it ready in the morning!

If you need or want hardware parts to repair or just to enhance your system - I can tell you exactly what you need and show you the best place to get it. You purchase what is required and I will install it when it arrives!

If you wish to buy a computer but need guidance - Call me! I can help you find a good system for a good price online.

Save time and money by letting me do the boring stuff.

Call me now at 575-585-2707 and we can decide what is best for you and your system.

I can do the work at your house, but it could take hours. It is better for you to drop it off at my residence where I know I have the required items to do maintenance quickly. I have lived in my house for over 25 years.

I work for free. I do not ask for any up-front or hourly rates. I am disabled and a veteran.

I accept donations (if you can afford one) or even a Wal-Mart grocery gift card!

Everything broke this year and I need to try and catch up. I have been working on computers for decades. I can provide references (character as well as technological!).

Also looking for used computers/parts donations. Your used computer/part may fix or give the gift of a computer to someone who would not have one otherwise!

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