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Young hens and roos standard sized and bantams

$3-5 varies by stef with davis farms in Tularosa, 5 days ago
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$11 second cutting alfalfa
Stop by the barn for hay mon-sat 9-5

but PLAN AHEAD with me (stef) for chicks! TEXT me at 575-740-8542 , or message through here. Or call and leave a message

Young hens (pullets) and young roosters:
Bantam breeds:
$4 dark or light brahma bantam pullets
$3 dark or light brahma bantam roosters
About 2.5 months old, some older, have mostly dark ones left

$5 red frizzle cochins various ages about 2 months old
$4 for frizzle roos

$4 pullets red smooth cochins, $3 for roos

3 months old:
$4- each Porceain d'uccle bantams 3 pullets
$2- porcelain d'uccles 2 young roosters
$3-1 Mille fleur d'uccle rooster,
$4-1 mille fleur duccle hen
$2-1 buff japanese, rooster

Standard sized birds:

$6 blue red-laced wyandotte pullets 2 months 5 or 6 left
$4 black sex link pullets 2 months 10 or so left
$4 white leghorn pullets 2 months 10 orr so left
$2.50 white leghorn roos 2 months, 2 left
$4 partridge rock pullets 2 months 7 or so left
$3 buff orpingtons roos only, 3 left

All chicks are buy 5 get one free!

For more info and pics, or to set up where to meet, afternoons or evenings only usually.
But I am flexible!
Please message STEF through here or text me at 575-740-8542
 I have a very bad signal here, so if you have to call, please leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I don't call you back please call again! Sometimes messages are just static I have a poor signal.

Thanks for looking :)

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